Green New Deal Neighborhood Council Toolkit

Angelenos can be a part of L.A.’s Green New Deal, right in their neighborhood. Thoughtful actions have a big impact, and there is no time to wait. The goal of this toolkit is to provide support and sample materials for Neighborhood Council leaders and members to accelerate sustainable action in their communities.

Watch this video to hear from some of the Toolkit Advisory Group members. Many thanks to the Toolkit Advisory Group: Olvia Diaz, Ernesto Hidalgo, Hassan Memarian, Jamiah Hargins, Jessalyn Waldron, Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal, Julia Forgie, Julia Jaye Posin, Linda Cleveland, Lisa Hart, Sonya Vasquez, Terry Saucier.

Click on the action guides below to learn about resources, rebate programs, and easy ways to make a positive impact.

Coming soon!

  • Host a Community Clean Up
  • On the Road to Zero Waste: Hosting a Neighborhood Council Meeting

Action guides were prepared during COVID-19. Always follow L.A. City & County Public health guidance, wear a face covering, and practice physical distancing.