Urban Ecosystem

We all have access to parks and open space including a revitalized L.A. River watershed.

Status on 2017 Outcomes

Achieve 56% of Angelenos living within a half mile of a park or open space

41.5% of Angelenos currently live within a half mile of a park or open space. The Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP), along with non-profit partners, continues to develop new open space in park-deficient areas of L.A. In partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District, RAP is also working to provide public access to school play yards and fields to increase walkable park access in high-density neighborhoods. (Source: Trust for Public Land ParkScore, January 2018; RAP, March 2018)

Develop strategy for funding Park Stewardship Alliance with nonprofits and other partners
Pass legislation allowing for and encouraging urban agriculture in open space (e.g., medians, vacant lots, etc.)
Develop city biodiversity strategy
Initiate tree and tree-canopy registry to document L.A.’s urban forest to guide tree- planting investments
Create additional 5 miles of L.A. River Public access

The opening of the Zev Yaroslavsky Greenway Trail in June 2017 added an additional half mile of open space along the L.A. River, bringing us halfway to our 5 mile goal.
(Source: L.A. RiverWorks, January 2018)

Where L.A. Is Leading

L.A. is the first U.S. city to apply the Singapore Index on Cities' Biodiversity, an international index for evaluating and monitoring cities' progress on biodiversity conservation efforts.