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March 2017

Habitat for Humanity

150 150 Sustainability City pLAn
  • Help low income homeowners and their families by doing 1000 water wise upgrades over the next 2 years

Echo Horizon School

150 150 Sustainability City pLAn
  • 3rd Grade students will focus on conservation measures and awareness. With teacher guidance, they will research water use and resources across the state. They will then plan and implement water conservation measures for their own homes and create a public awareness campaign about the drought.
  • 6th Grade students will research the efficacy of different rain gardens and rain catchment systems like rain barrels and cisterns. They will draft a proposal for installing a rain garden on campus and create presentations about the potential benefits of rain barrels and gray water systems. They will be presenting their rain garden plans to the facility for approval and implementation.

Waste & Landfills

800 415 Sustainability City pLAn

L.A. has the highest recycling rate of any big U.S. city.


Carbon and Climate Leadership

809 808 Sustainability City pLAn

L.A. is the first U.S. city to use the Compact of Mayors globally recognized methodology for calculating a city’s greenhouse gas emissions.


Preparedness & Resiliency

800 748 Sustainability City pLAn

L.A. is the first U.S. city to test on-road use of cool pavement to combat urban heat.


Mobility and Transportation

800 371 Sustainability City pLAn

With 1,090 bicycles, 65 multi-unit docking stations, and over 90,000 trips taken as of January 2017, L.A.’s bike share is the biggest system in the county.


Energy Efficient Buildings

800 459 Sustainability City pLAn

L.A. adopted the most ambitious and comprehensive energy and water efficiency law for existing buildings of any U.S. city.


Environmental Justice

800 384 Sustainability City pLAn

L.A. is the first city to roll out an electric vehicle carshare program designed to serve low-income residents.


Environmental Justice

800 479 Sustainability City pLAn

L.A. is the first big city to require all city farmers markets to accept EBT.


Local Solar

800 381 Sustainability City pLAn

L.A. is the first U.S. city to offer expedited online permitting for residential solar projects.